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One thing’s for sure – you’re not going to go hungry or thirsty in the Ballarat region. Wander along the streets and laneways and you’ll come across some great cafes and restaurants. Throw down some local brews and wines and make a meal of it with regional produce and clever menus. And when you’re done taking in the city lights head out into the stunning local regions to explore the wineries and luxe acommodation

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Situated about 30 minutes outside of Ballarat, the Pyrenees wine region is the sort of place you can drop into for a couple of days or potter around for a week. However long you stay, you can’t help but have your fair share of delicious food and locally-produced wine.

But eating and drinking isn’t all you’ll do here – it’s a gorgeous part of the country, with ironbark forests, flora and fauna reserves, great spots to camp or picnic and lots of good bushwalking tracks, including at Mount Buangor and Mount Cole State Forests where you can hike along the Beeripmo walking track or discover waterfalls along the Waterfalls Nature Walk.


Delve into the past while celebrating the future in the diverse and dynamic Goldfields region. Home to iconic museums and renowned art galleries, wildlife parks, farmers’ markets and lush gardens, the Goldfields are just waiting to be explored. Hear stories from Victoria’s golden age at Sovereign Hill and the Central Deborah Gold Mine, and learn about the famous Eureka Rebellion in Ballarat. See inspiring local artworks and blockbuster exhibits, shop for antiques in quaint villages, and wander through tranquil botanic gardens, lakeside parks and rambling Australian bushland.