Snow Stories

Explore the people, places and stories of Australia's High country

Safari Films are proud to present a series of independently produced short stories that capture the essence and beauty of the Australian high country in winter, and the unique characters who live and breath these stunning and harsh environments.

Episode 1 – First Tracks

When the first snowfalls hit the Australian Alps, a collective energy is unlocked from those who embrace the cold and love the freedom that being amongst the snowgums provides. First Tracks looks into the eerily quiet experince of backcountry skiing in those first days, when the crowds are yet to arrive and the only company is your own.

Episode 2 – Chair Lift

The uplifting story of Charlie Heerey and his return to skiing after 23 years, after a car accident at 20 left him paralysed. This shoft-film looks into how his passion for the snow was re-awakened with the help of his wife Anna and the challenge of learning to ski again – the crashes, the blizzards and the joy of a carved turn on a bluebird day.

Episode 3 – Coming Soon!

We are currently in production of the next Snow Stories and will be releasing them over the rest of the ski season. If you know of any interesting mountain peeps who may be interested in sharing their tale, please let us know!