Feel New

Dive into our latest international campaign for Destination NSW

It’s time to feel new again. Pure joy as you wake to the sunrise. Awe as you dive into an emerald pool. A sense of adventure as you motor across green farmland. The relief of rejuvenation as you wade into an alpine stream. Connection as you taste native, fragrant dishes. A sense of belonging as you meet friendly locals. Freedom as you dash into the waves.

Safari hit the road to discover all the incredible things on offer in the spectacular state of NSW. Travelling from the northern region of Byron Bay we explored and filmed along the coast, discovered food and wine trails through the countryside, and relaxed at Luxe accommodation. We then headed south west to the rugged Blue Mountains where we shot at a stunning luxury farm stay, sharing the property with a mob of rowdy sheep that wandered past the huge picture window grazing on the endless green lawns. Then we headed to the south coast to experience hand shucked oysters and paddled the crystal clear waterways and ended at a remote glamping spot hidden deep in the hinterland

They might share the same ocean, but the state’s South Coast is a world away from its northern counterpart. Life is lived at a slower pace here – a general feeling of taking time to appreciate what you see when the world stops a little. We can’t think of a better place to disconnect than the endless curves of sand, the striking swathes of green, the oyster shacks, the cafes where local produce shines, the world-class wineries, the marine reserves and the enchanting towns. It’s southern comfort, writ large.

People flock to the south coast and hinterland to witness the force of nature that is the town’s famed blowhole, but the region as a whole is equally awe-inspiring. Get lost in the silent beauty of rainforest, watch wondrous waterfalls, surf the region’s great breaks, amble stunning coastal walks, soar above the tree-tops, mosey through a market and get to know the locals.