Safari is proud to present Arrival. A photographic exhibition now showing at Melbourne International Airport celebrating diversity and the warmth of human connection between travellers and their loved ones.

Olivia & Achilles - Australian

"I haven’t seen dad for 7 sleeps"

Jose - Chilean

"I am a musician. Wherever this guitar takes me, I go"

On an average day around 31,227 people fly into Melbourne on an international service, making it a busy place and a melting pot of individuals. Melbourne is also Australia’s busiest 24/7 airport, and in the last financial year welcomed 36.7 million people. Melbourne Airport Chief of Aviation David Hall said it is great that they could bring traveller’s stories to life through Arrival, as the airport is as much about connection as it is travel.

Mohammed & Manal - Lebanese

"It’s taken 40 years for mum and dad to visit,
and now there’s 49 of us here to greet them!"

Listen to lady pirate Gabrielle talk to ABC’s Jon Faine about how we brought the Arrival project to life.

Connie & Leora - Australian/Italian

"276 sleeps without you"

Solomon and his mum - Chinese

"Mums here to visit me from China, so I cleaned my room today for the first time since moving to Melbourne"

No matter where we come from or where we’re going, we can all relate to the feeling of embracing a loved one after time apart
and it’s that moment, that the Arrival project explores.

Ayla & Aram - Australian

"26 hours in transit from Paris and I’m wrecked"

Ross - Irish

"I think I can blend in with the locals"

Melbourne is proud to be a place that does not just accept diversity but celebrates our unique differences
and to have captured that through the Arrival exhibition was deeply rewarding

Di Pasquale Family - Australian/Italian

"Family is the most important thing in the world to us"

Yoon & Aaron - Sth Korean / Australian

"21 hours travelling and counting"

Dan - Malaysian

"I haven’t seen my girlfriend in three years and am planning on proposing to her when she arrives"

Matthew & Brodie - Australian

"We’ve been together for nine months and Brodie has been away for five of those. Now the real test begins!"

Luxmy & Vitherjah - Sri Lankan

"It’s been two years since I’ve hugged my grandma"

Whilst we are often bringing back stories from around the world,
this project allowed us to uncover unique stories right here in our own backyard

Joey - New Zealand

"Being dressed as a pirate does make it hard to get through customs, sometimes"

Paula & Emil - German

"We were told Melbourne is great for shopping, but we’ve run out of money and don’t have any room left in our bags"

Media Enquiries

For Arrival media enquiries please email Gabrielle Reiher at or call- +61 406 010 774